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FIFA Interview hole card

FIFA Interview hole card: to help the Hong Kong won the crown, Wu Lei is China's best player.......

FIFA's official website published an interview with the Super foreign aid hole cards, hole cards, said in an interview enjoyed his second trip to China, and rhetoric to lead the harbor to get "double." Further hole card said Wu Lei is the best fifa 18 coins player in China, any league can go to the European foothold.

Article on the hole cards in China's achievements with "exceptional" to describe: Compared with Drogba, Anelka has played such as world super star, hole card, while not the most famous foreign aid, but in the achievements made in the hole card is definitely regarded as unbeatable, is the most successful. After joining in 201 Hengda, hole card over three years to help the team win almost all can win the honors, and won the 2013 AFC championship. So, when the hole card to return to China, immediately attracted much attention in the first round of the 2015 Super League season, the hole cheap fifa 18 coins card to help the new owner of Shanghai International Port 2-1 win.

Articles with "model" to describe the hole cards, hole cards Chinese fan favorite, not only because he is a "benchmark" the court, in life he was a devoted husband and a loving father, he was in China in the eyes of people is an ideal man, is a "model husband." Conca in an interview expressed his love for Shanghai's: "I am very fond of Shanghai, my wife is very adapt to fut 18 coins , and my son at a local international school, there is a very beautiful place, the club for me Very good, I was lucky enough to play here. "
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2017-07-14 03:30:49



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